Wednesday, June 17, 2020

From Scott Price
If you claim to hold to a sovereign grace, Calvinist, Reformed doctrine of salvation, but you hold the position of synergistic sanctification, then you just voided out any semblance of real salvation by GRACE. This means you are a Humanist and it's all about you, rather than Christ ALONE. This would mean you have a different gospel, a different hope, a different plea, and a different ground of assurance. This means you live in a totally different world than that of the doctrine of Christ because it's deceitfully crafted, imaginary action(s) you operate on. It's not gonna fly at the bar of Judgment.
Stop learning from soundbite theology that quotes these guys who are teaching, threatening, fear-based, mercenary theology that cooperating with grace is what will be the deal maker in the end. These famous guys say and don't do. Like all false teachers, they require more from you than they do from themselves. Then they laugh all the way to the bank with their book sales and big conference fees. Find someone to listen to who teaches the real gospel.
Grace reigns through the righteousness of Christ established and imputed. It's the ONLY kind of grace there is and it's sovereign grace. God's grace gives ALL the glory to Him ALONE and excludes ALL boasting in the sinner. The believer is saved from having confidence in his self-righteous flesh.
A so-called "personal" righteousness, one of your OWN, is nothing more than self-righteousness, which is the number one way to dishonor the LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS (His name). It's using His name in vain when you say, "Lord, Lord". It's lawlessness. If righteousness comes by the Law for ANY part of salvation by your cooperation with grace, then you are most definitely deceived and are in need of faith, repentance, and a cleansed conscience from dead works and spiritual idolatry. The gospel is the only cure.
Are you offended by God's gospel-standard of Christ's absolute perfect righteousness? If so, I pray that you will be given the eyes of God-given faith and repentance to stop you from working against yourself in your false religion. Once this sovereign grace comes in power, it's irresistible. He wins by giving life, which has NOTHING to do with your cooperation. Thank God!