Precious Jesus

"Afresh, precious, precious Jesus, I resign this body to You, for doing or suffering, for living or dying. Will You accept it? Will You use me for Your glory more than heretofore, that You may have some little return for all the benefits You have done to me? Oh, do grant this request; my heart longs for it, my spirit pleads for it; and "if You will, You can." You know the hot temptation of which I am the subject. Bring Your glory out of it, and keep me from the evil, and it shall be well." - Ruth Bryan

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Today's Free Will

Today's version of free will is a combination of what was taught us by the fall of Lucifer and Adam. Lucifer's main objective was to de-throne God and thereby preserve himself. Adam sought to preserve his own interests (mainly Eve) by testing the Lord; today we would call it "calling your bluff" as if to force God to back-off His promise of death to any who ate of the Forbidden Tree. If Adam had been successful then God would be just as 'de-throned' as Lucifer had intended. But the final results are in, Lucifer will eternally reside in the Pit and mankind is hopelessly depraved and separated from God unless and until He chooses to intervene on behalf of those He has chosen to receive life via Christ and His Gospel.

The lure, the enticement, the lust for "man's free will" to be true continues to overwhelm men. It is like putting on 'blinders' to keep the light of the Word from striking the heart. It drives men to the point of insanity as they demand their "right" to a free will. It is impossible for them to understand that were 'free will' true then there would be no Sovereign God. Man would indeed be the master of his fate, demanding eternal bliss from a god that they, by their declaration of independence from him, have declared does not exist. They also do not understand that such a free will as they claim to possess would, by definition, make null and void the 'free will' of all other men because they must be subject to the one primary owner of free will---that person's "self." This is a classic "god-complex" as for anyone to have a truly "free will" it must supersede ALL other wills, which is exactly the case of the Sovereign Creator.

The results of this notion of free will are evident in the 'social movements' of the past several decades. The "god is dead" nonsense of the sixties spawned other 'movements' like feminism which has been instrumental in the demise of the family and now firmly seated in the LGBTQ dumpster. The kissing cousin (pun intended) of abortion was quick to follow resulting in nearly 60,000,000 babies being murdered in the name of free will ("it's my body, I can do as I please"). All the while the "gay movement" (I've never seen a happy "gay person", their adoption of this term was a purposeful deception to hid the underlying misery they subjected themselves to by their free will chose of choosing aberrant sex acts in an effort toward some sort of satisfaction, which they never achieved; those that have been freed from this abomination can readily testify to this). The afore mentioned 'misery' is not exclusive to the 'gays' but is seen in all who participate in the ongoing 'sexual revolution' begun many years ago and thriving today more than ever in every form that man can imagine. But God delivers His chosen ones from their sins (Eph. 2:1-9).

The scene in the world is bad enough, so what of the church? It is worse, much worse. The church is supposed to be the bastion of truth, the one that holds up the Word of God in the face of all opposition, even to the death of those holding forth His Truth. Such is far from the norm. Instead, we have capitulating churches and their leaders who, in their own free will wisdom, have opted to mock God, change His Word to fit their fantasy de jour, and present a person they claim is the "savior of the world" but that never "saved anyone" nor is capable of the same. Their new found hero is an imposter, just like the hero prophets of today's pulpits. The church abdicated it's position as standard bearer in favor of the all-pleasing compromise we see today and that is why the above mentioned 'movements' continue unabated and even thriving in what passes itself off as a "church" today. This is the fruit of the doctrine of man's free will that is wrongfully presented as the "gospel truth" in nearly every pulpit in the land. No doubt God has reserved His faithful "7,000" as He did in Elijah's day, and hopefully not all are hidden from view.

James 1:13-16 is helpful in understanding the "mechanics" of sin. V.14: "But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed." Often, this is seen as each individual temptation and resulting sin, as it should be. We lust after entirely too many things that we should not and get ourselves into trouble (James 4:1-3). But perhaps there is something else that is just as helpful and that would be the underlying and ultimate motivator for our lust: the desire and necessity of being "in control." The heart, being as deceitful as it is (Jer. 17:9) will never allow this possibility to be considered because an honest examination would expose the evil of the heart and that is something only the Holy Spirit can properly do. The heart, in and of itself, is incapable of seeing itself in anything but the best light. It knows no humility, nor can it by itself, and that is why it screams for it's "right" to a free will, to be 'in control' and subject to no one, especially not God. In all this self deception about a supposed possession of a 'free will' the heart has made itself a slave to sin and it will NEVER realize this fact apart from the intervention of God. So who is the robot now, Mr. Arminian? Who is being "unfair" now, Mr. Arminian? The heart is being unfair to it's own best interests by suppressing the truth of God's Word, lying to itself about it's supposed capability to choose God, and making some glib "decision" to 'follow Christ' without ever seeing the true nature of the heart that is telling all of these lies to itself. And yet there is unmitigated gall in some to accuse God of be an unfair tyrant. That is insanity!

Thank you, Lord for teaching us Your Word. We are in dire need of you every moment of every day.


Sheryl said...

I had previously typed a response to this post, then at the time I submitted it my computer went berserk, thus aborting it. Frustration. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to return to it.

Today's free will. Yesterday's free will. Tomorrow's free will. Scant research reveals that even the secular world identifies free will as an "illusion" and "there is no free will to speak of" but "our society depends on everyone's believing it does." The 'church' is not even as perceptive as pagans. Christians should have wisdom to acknowledge the Sovereignty of their God over His universe, His creation and all events of time. Its disgraceful that pagans would have more knowledge than believers.

Common sense isn't common anymore and has become extinct. If people would simply think things through and not what they've been brainwashed to believe, they'd have to come to the conclusion that there are incumbrances and limitations to supposed free will choices. How else would they be able to explain the lack of their desires not being met: riches, success, health, beauty, fame, popularity, etc.? So what's impeding the fulfillment if all that's required is for them to simply make a choice based on their free will? We know the answer: God's free will to do as He pleases with His creation for His own purposes and glory.

Scripture makes it clear Who is in control over every detail of history, therefore being able to foretell future events as He has designed them to be. It is recorded that God named names of people before they were even born and declared how He would use them to serve His purposes, whether they knew Him or realized it or not. They may have supposed that they were making a free will choice, not understanding they were fulfilling scripture as directed by God. Thus, God raises up and directs the choices of unbelievers as well.

Scripture mentions rich, poor, free, slave, master, sick, lame, blind, deaf, etc. Would any of the poor sick lame blind deaf slaves have chosen to be that way? No, not by human nature. Well then, that must mean they had no free will choice to remove themselves from their destitute situation. Now doesn't that follow simple logic? Does that not indicate that God determines the physical and material position of persons in this temporal world? Even more so then, it is evident that God determines the eternal destiny of "vessels of mercy" and "vessels fitted to destruction." He could not use such language had it not been predetermined by His choice, independent of man's wishes.

People do not want to engage into deep spiritual thought. They must be afraid of what lies therein that would not be of the mob mentality and would overturn their belief system.

It is astounding the power, wisdom and control that believers fight to wrestle away from God and place in the hands of man. It is shameful and wrong. Oh so wrong.

Sheryl said...

I would also add that Romans 9:19 asks, "Why doth he yet find fault? For who hath resisted his will?" Man's will is not noted. HIS will, God's will, the Potter's will over the lump of clay is clearly defined. The complex, hard doctrine that man is responsible for his actions and will be held accountable in the day of judgment, yet he has not the freedom nor power to act outside the will of God is one that is repugnant to most who would call themselves Christians. They must discard Romans 9 and countless other passages because one must mangle the words to escape the sovereignty of God in determining man's actions and eternal destiny taught as truth. Verse 17 says that he raised Pharaoh, an unbeliever, up to show forth His power and declare His name throughout all the earth. That is God's purpose in forming vessels of clay of which He is in control - to show forth His glory. What God allows men to accomplish leaves them with the false impression that they did it on their own, through their own wisdom and determination, not even acknowledging that God determined their existence and gives them their very breath with which they blaspheme Him.

Darrel said...

Sheryl, it's always a treat to read your comments, the Lord has given you great insight that is so absent in Christendom today. The questions you raised are beyond just valid, but highly pertinent in destroying the current nonsense of free will that is passed off as wisdom. Scripture is filled with examples of God's Sovereign Hand in lives of the men He created and yet the "free-willies" reject them all without discussion claiming that they are not "robots"---but they are robots===to sin! I don't think it's a stretch to say that the only reason that free will "salvation" is taught is in order to call God a liar on every front in an attempt to de-throne Him like Lucifer tried to do in Isa. 14. The flesh loves to think of itself as being the master of it's own destiny and a god by itself.