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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

John MacArthur and the Gospel Coalition

Burn your "Strange Fire" book. It means nothing now.

John MacArthur will be hosting The "Gospel" Coalition at Grace Community Church this October. It's a pastors conference. Because I guess one pastors conference a year isn't enough.

Also, take note of the update recently added to the bottom of the post. JMac's fan club will simply roll their eyes, scream 'judgmental', and move on. 


Sheryl said...

So sex is on their minds? at a "gospel" coalition? Bet that workshop will have standing room only. Maybe Clayton Jennings will be its featured speaker. You'd think Christians would want a reprieve from the bombardment of the world's favorite topic. They will get a 'sanctified' version of the topic, I suppose, but with the wolves roving and the great apostasy in full force, they can't find more significant topics concerning defending the faith?! Well, that just may not draw a large enough to spice things up a bit.

Nothing but delusion can come from men "thinking creatively about faith and work." That promotes man-made ideas. No good fruit there. Beware, sheep, of the new ideas about to burst forth.

And the welcome mat has opened the door to charismatics and a woman rapper??? Sounds like shows under a circus tent.

Grace Community Church should shame John MacArthur out the door. He's betraying them.

lyn said...

Amen Sheryl - it is indeed a circus, minus the bearded lady. If they could dig one up, they'd give Barnum and Bailey a run for their money.

It is almost laughable to see what's happening in 'organized religion'. What a tragic comedy it all is!!!!

lyn said...

You might like this post from Denise as well -

Darrel said...

It's hard for a closet heretic like MacArthur to stay in the closet when his true colors are constantly oozing their way under the door. It is fitting that he is making his love for the likes of those in the GC more open and public, they are a perfect match. Maybe they will get lucky and CJ Mahaney will deliver the keynote on "acceptable Christian sexual practices" since most at the GC are pedophile/child abuse enablers.

For those unaware of JM's roots you can hear in his own words and voice about the heretical beginning of his "ministry" by going to and find sermon #80-33. He brags about "having always believed" and therefore cannot say when he was "saved." Because he "always believed" he claims to have no need of repentance. All this begins at the 15 minute mark hosted by 'yes-man' Phil Johnson. I first listened to this in Jan. 2014 a few months after the "Strange Fire Conference" where he 'called out' the charismatics for their errors; then I find out that he and Jack Hayford are lunch buddies on somewhat of a regular basis. But all this makes sense to me now, MacArthur is interested in only two things: his reputation/legacy and money.

I know of no finer example of a modern day 'angel of light' than John MacArthur. Chameleon, false teacher, liar, heretic in so many ways whose cunning ways and smooth words have deceived millions. Depending on his audience he can teach the doctrines of grace to one group and the free will lie of Arminianism to another (this is well documented). Of his many heresies one stands out as most egregious which is his estimation of the efficacy and worth of the blood of Jesus Christ. He has said 'there is no saving power in the fluid, the blood, that spilled at the cross'; 'the blood of Christ is nothing more than a euphemism for His death' and 'Christ's blood soaked into the ground and was not collected into a vessel.' Scripture denies all of JM's fantasies: Heb. 9:11 & 12, Christ entered the Most Holy Place in heaven with HIS OWN BLOOD; Heb. 9:22 "without shedding of blood there is no remission." And perhaps most importantly Heb. 9:14 Christ offered His blood THROUGH THE ETERNAL SPIRIT and in conjunction with Heb. 10:29 which states: "Of how much worse punishment, do you suppose, will he be thought worthy who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, counted the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified a common thing, and INSULTED THE SPIRIT OF GRACE?" To me, this is a clear cut case of a man, John MacArthur, having blasphemed the Holy Spirit and yet there are millions who refuse to investigate the words their hero speaks, choosing rather to remain blind and continue their own rebellion against the Lord.

Sheryl said...

And that's not all. As far as I know, he hasn't recanted his teaching that after having taken the mark of the beast, a person can still be saved. He also teaches that during the tribulation, there's going to be a great revival, with many getting saved, instead of being judged by God. At the time of the Sandy Hook event, he stated in a sermon that all those children that were killed went to heaven. I've seen videos of hideous games at some youth camp thing at his church - I forget what its called. A real leader would never have permitted such atrocious activities, associated with the name of Jesus. I've heard that he has body guards. That's curious to me, that a minister of the gospel would hire body guards. I've read that there was a tie with Freemasonry in his family. I also read a comment about the 'sunburst' in his church logo, suggesting it might perhaps be an occult symbol.

I didn't know he'd spoken in favor of Arminianism - that's the first time I've heard about that - but I don't listen to him regularly. I occasionally have listened to a few of his sermons on YouTube based on the title that interested to me.

And he hangs out with Jack Hayford??? That's certainly telling.

Christians quote him, ask him questions and defend him. More of them need to start asking questions.

Darrel said...

The list of JM's heresies only gets longer just like the number of defenders grows with each new controversy (lie) he presents as truth. There are a few that have documented his errors, with Mike Jeshurun's blog being perhaps the best.

This is not the only article about JM, but it is the most concise and covers a lot of ground. Use the site search engine for more.

The summer camp is known as "Camp Regen" unless they have renamed it. Nearly every picture I have seen of this 'camp' contains teenagers displaying satanic hand signs in the midst of satanic rituals all of which is done in the name of Christ. Some have argued that it is 'just kids having fun', the truth is that it is kids doing what their camp instructors tell them to do.

It has been relatively simple for JM to maintain his hold on GCC (a 'church' void of discernment) since he taught them from the beginning that their pastor is virtually infallible. This was done, like all false prophets do, by starting with basic 'truths' and then introducing cunning and clever lies in the same breath. Over 40 plus years it has gotten to the point where he can say just about anything he wants and his blind followers will support him. JM is a double minded man and therefore unstable in ALL his ways. He is a man that has blatantly denied the Lord Jesus and His Gospel and yet is revered as a teacher of the same. [Again, I refer to gty sermon 80-33].

Lord, please open the eyes of all your people.

Sheryl said...

I've been doing a bit of investigating into John MacArthur and it appears there are layers upon layers beyond what meets the eye. I only knew of him from some of his sermons popping up on YouTube, so I watched a few that had interesting titles, and knew he didn't always get it right. I didn't become a follower. I noticed one blogger in particular who often quoted him and defended him against critics. Then I became aware of a few disturbing things concerning him. But now its obvious there are many other things behind the scenes that are unfit for a Christian pastor. Just the pictures that come out of the Masters College alone are enough to discredit him. They are nothing but darkness and have no light in them. And it is said that he likes to pose with the "young followers."!! It also discredits his circle of fellow ministers who put their stamp of approval on him by association. If they won't distance themselves from such stark deception and lies, and expose it because of JM's stature, then what good is their work exposing other wolves in the sheep fold? It reminds me of the saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. In this case, it makes it harder for the friends to rat on the enemy. Sounds like a cunning strategy to me.

Sheryl said...

Thanks, Darrel, for the information concerning JM's Arminianism statements. I found them. Among other things, I also found testimonials from former students and members of his church about how things operate under his 'leadership.' Very disturbing stuff. Some people's lives were messed up. Everything is referred to as "Macarthur's beliefs" that they admit is contrary to scripture. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction so I could learn more.

There's a lady blogger who constantly quotes Macarthur. I challenged her to examine JM and presented some of his false doctrine to her and referred her to websites and pictures (and more). She wouldn't post my comments, although she posted her response, accusing me of slander; disregarding the evidence, saying a man QUOTING Macarthur "had an ax to grind;" questioned me as to whether I had actually heard him say certain false doctrine (which I had) and asked if I had done further research on the comment (I didn't need to, I know what scripture says); told me "you're doing it wrong;" and accused me of not having discernment. I responded back with more evidence in his own words (which I'm sure will somehow be rationalized) and expressed concern for her idolatry of and devotion to JM. She told me he had a "50 year solid ministry" and I told her that "solid" ministry had cracks. I'm confident she won't 'hear' any of my words. She wasn't alarmed at the pictures from the seminary 'games,' but questioned if I had talked to anyone personally who'd attended there. Asked if I'd done further research. Deflect, defend, accuse. No word of concern for his false doctrine. No caution. No hesitation, saying 'maybe I need to do some research.' No thanks for bringing it to her attention to safeguard her readers. She's demonstrating her lack of devotion to Jesus Christ, choosing a man instead. And I know she's learned some false doctrine from JM, for I've read it on her posts, but she'll defend it to the death because it came from the lips of John Macarthur. She called out Billy Graham and Beth Moore, but she won't touch JM. Shameful. I hope the information I provided will continue to echo in her mind and eventually she will succumb to the facts by the grace of God.

I appreciate the information you share that I may be unaware of concerning these celebrity preachers. I welcome learning the truth. I know the evil day we're living in and the deception of "angels of light" we're engulfed in to result in the one world religion.

lyn said...

Denise has updated her post------
One of the scheduled TGC speakers is Jamin Groogin, co- author of "The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb". His book’s acknowledgements include two mystics Eugene Peterson (“The Message” book) and Dallas Willard (spiritual formation). Jean Vanier, who is a Roman Catholic philosopher and theologian. John Perkins is a social justice activist. These men cannot be labeled as being faitihful to the King's way of biblical Christianity since they incorporate things of the world as well as demons (mysticism is demonic). -- from her original post

So JMac sees nothing wrong with sharing a platform with heretics, why is that? The old saying, 'takes one to know one' certainly seems fitting here doesn't it?

Sheryl said...

I was accused of "slanderous statements," "doing it wrong" and "lacking discernment" when I pointed that out (among other things) - with evidence - to his follower and defender I previously discussed. Nothing seems to matter to sway those who idolize him, so this is not likely to alarm them, either. As long as they turn their head and look the other way, then it didn't happen and doesn't exist. Or they will offer a rationalization. They don't see that its just as unholy as an unbeliever worshiping a Hollywood star. Its far beyond them to examine the facts for fear of the discovery. Can't risk perceptions being shattered, now can they? They judge by appearance and fail to judge righteously and to heed the warnings to not be deceived.

Sheryl said...

Darrel, Just a note of interest I found on the many testimonials coming from previous students and members on JM's campus pertaining to the comment you made about him "having always believed." One gentlemen said (and he highlighted it), "In the 20 years I was at Grace, I never heard John speak of a time in his life when he realized he was a sinner who completely falls short of the glory of God and that he repented and fell on his knees as a beggar." Then he refers to the comment you addressed.

Perhaps you've read the testimonials that are utterly dreadful. Lives destroyed, arrogance, manipulation, suicides, shaming, shunning, mind control, etc., etc., etc.

He certainly has his followers under a spell. Shame on those who promote him!

lyn said...

It's a sad day when sinners exalt other sinners and defend them; loyalty to mortal men and/or women is never supported in the bible. When error and sin are pointed to and sinners choose to reject that, it's obvious God has turned them over to their 'idol'.

Darrel said...

Sheryl, I didn't realize this thread was still active. I had not heard the testimony that you referenced above, only ones similar. I know of several more sites that speak to JM's heresies, but it gets difficult to spend a lot of time in the cesspool. The transcript of gty #80-33 is here:
On the audio tape his junk begins at the 14:30 m/m, so scroll down to find his nonsense or listen to it in his own (condescending) voice.

Another site is from Barbara Aho and Jan Mosher:
On the same page (near the bottom) find research on JM's "slave" book of 2010, perhaps one of his most disgusting works. By clicking on the 'home' tab you will find a wealth of well researched material on a wide range of topics and people. How these two ladies put into writing all that they have is beyond comprehension; I've read hours of their 'stuff' and have barely scratched the surface, nor have I detected error.

May the Lord grant us wisdom.

Sheryl said...

Sickening. Its all so sickening. I can't even adequately describe the feeling when reading JM's profane interpretations of doctrine and viewing the pictures of wicked, heathen activities provided for the 'fun' of the young people in this so-called 'ministry.'

Shame on those who sit on the same stage with JM and seek his spiritual 'wisdom', and won't expose or rebuke him. Shame on bloggers who quote him to their readers and judge critics who attempt to warn them. Shame on those who sit in the pews of Grace Community Church and do not classify him as unfit, for teaching false doctrine. Shame on preachers who work along side him and turn their heads to the activities occurring on his campus. So many people protecting him and covering up his evil deeds.

Sheryl said...

I'm a little late on this news that happened a few days ago, but I just read what you're probably already aware of, that TGC has been cancelled at GCC location due to facing increasing criticism over problematic theology of TGC. So that was not initially evident and had to be pointed out by 'others' to JM and leadership at GCC?! Alistair Begg is still in as a primary speaker, it appears. The wolves' tales are wagging with a red flag attached. Is anyone looking?

It's evident those within JM's inner circle dare not expose, question, criticize nor speak a disagreeable word against him, but deceptively cover up and protect his highly exalted reputation.

lyn said...

The FACT that JM was willing to allow this from the beginning overshadows the cancellation. Pressure from others is the ONLY reason it was cancelled! JMac's 'bodyguards' like P. Johnson are on damage control 24/7, protecting the 'good name' of JMac and preventing what we just witnessed. It is JMac's reputation they are worried about, and NOT GOD'S TRUTH! You cannot fool the elect of God, to His praise and glory.

Sheryl said...

Incidentally, I just read on a different website that JM is STILL slated to speak at TGC, just not at GCC. He's really committed to Jesus, now isn't he, joining a pack of wolves?! What's it going to take for his idol worshippers to discern and jump overboard his ship? No doubt, this won't do it. The rationalization and devotion will continue...

lyn said...

JM isn't as slick as he thinks, he's only fooling the goats who adore him. A wolf will do all they can to cover their tracks, but God will NOT BE MOCKED!