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Friday, March 9, 2018

Did Billy Graham preach the gospel?

The recent death of Billy Graham has caused quite a stir; I've heard some sermons that spoke against his ecumenical ways - that is good. BUT, these sermons also state Graham preached the gospel. This is where I differ from most, for the message Graham delivered was an arminian type message, which is no gospel at all. The Apostle Paul calls such a gospel 'accursed'. 

Here are samples of Graham's message, 'But you will have to make that first decision, take that first step. You will have to say, “Yes, by faith I receive You, Lord, into my heart.”I’m asking you to do that right now. Say, “I receive Christ. I want to follow Christ. I want to give all my keys to Him, no matter what the cost. I’m willing to pay the price, whatever it is.” ©1979 BGEA  from

Notice the title, 'learn how to follow Jesus'. Can the spiritually discerned do this? Not according to the Apostle Paul, 'But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.' 1 Corinthians 2:14 
There isn't a verse to back the 'make that first decision' mentality Graham spewed out. His man-centered message puts the ability to be saved on the sinner's decision, and robs God of His sovereignty. 

Graham was very good at mixing a bit of truth with his error, which is why he is so highly esteemed! He mentions Jesus, sin, repentance, etc. That only adds to the confusion and delusion by him.

Here's more from the Grahams...
“If you make no decision for Christ, you’re making a decision against Christ,” Graham said, adding that you can’t stay neutral about Jesus. You can accept Him or reject Him, but if you try to sit on the fence, you’re not following Him. “Some of you want to stay neutral … you don’t want to be a Christian because you don’t want to give up your lifestyle,” Graham said. “The greatest decision I ever made was to follow Jesus Christ. That’s when I really started to live.”- from

There's one verse that negates ALL that Graham spewed out, it's found in Ephesians 2:8-9, 'For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.' 

Where are the men and women of God who will stand against this evil message? Where is the boldness to call Graham out for what he was, a false teacher as well as an ecumenist? There IS a faithful remnant that DO see the evil of Graham and his man centered message, that have not been deluded by Graham's smooth speech and good ole boy mentality. 

This post only scratches the surface of Graham's evil ways, there is MUCH more that could be said, but this is enough to show what Graham preached is nowhere found in the bible. God forbid we ever tell dead in sin sinners they can be saved by making a decision, then popishly declaring them as saved! This works based mentality is the key in linking all dead religions together in the end time, and all who agree. This is the delusion that will seal the fate of many.

I recommend this excellent article----


Sheryl said...

BG preached his own thoughts in his books, written articles and television interviews with "I believe" and "I think," not "the Bible says." How else would the media continue to pursue him for 'spiritual guidance?' Or when asked a tough pointed question, he would evade any unpopular answers by stating, "I don't judge" or "that's not my calling" or "I love them all" or "God loves everyone."

He stated that his beliefs were the same as Catholics, not the "radical Protestants." Yes, true Protestants preach a radical gospel - but it is the same gospel that Christ proclaimed. BG chose to make it palatable to the entire world. And, to their shame, there are Protestant preachers who have spoken praises of him since his death. Shocking! Where is their discernment? His denials of the gospel cannot be ignored. I must turn away from those now who fail to tell the whole truth to the body of Christ to protect them from deception. Its astounding that they will lead the sheep to continue to defend the indefensible. They should be sternly rebuked! They can no longer be trusted.

The evidence is tremendous and no doubt there are deep, dark secrets we don't know. I hope it will please the Lord for them to be revealed, with unrefutable documentation.

lyn said...

I praise God deception and delusion have NOT gotten hold of me. He protects His elect, and we praise Him because He does.

Darrel said...

A most excellent summation, Lyn, and necessary to be recalled often by the elect as the bombardment of lies increases day by day. Evil men like BG seek to undermine the standard of the Gospel, to interject their own idols into the 'mix' and bring men down from God to their own devilish worship of anything but Christ. This can be seen from the pulpit through every other walk in life, home, work, family, etc. There is no 'standard' for anything anymore, just the prevailing attitude of "do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" a quote from the antichrist Aleister Crowly, which has become engrained in the minds and hearts of billions. The Gospel Standard of "election by grace" has been attacked from the days of the Garden of Eden till now and it's demise has been all but finally consummated in the thoughts and the heart of evil men (we know them by their fruit). The worship of any idol brings with it the incumbent indoctrination that doing what pleases self is also what pleases God; this is part of The Lie. This can be seen over and over with Israel: "In those days there was no king (no standard) in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes' Judges 17:6 and 21:25 (Prov. 14:12 &14; 16:2 & 25; Jer. 16:12 and 17:9). It is seen today in every facet of life where righteous and holy living is discarded and mocked in favor of pleasing the flesh (I am my own 'standard'). Humility before our Creator has long ago been replaced with the demand that other men submit themselves to those self-appointed individuals who know what is best for everyone else.

Billy Graham was a master at this deception and in the truest sense of the word he was "an angel of light" sent by the wicked one to deceive all who hear him. It will be interesting to see who will dare to "pick up Graham's mantel" and declare himself to be his successor. To be sure, whoever it is will twice as much a child of hell as was Graham (Matt. 23:15). Perhaps we should scream "antichrist" sooner and louder.

Sheryl said...

As I continue to search into the depth of wickedness of BG, it is astounding how his deceitfulness was so carefully kept covered up, for there was/is much to be exposed that would be unbelievable to most people. There was certainly a satanic agenda being perpetrated that was being advanced and protected by wicked powerful people that he was associated with. I find out something new each time I read...decades worth of vile deception.

I've ordered the book "The Friends of Billy Graham, A Hidden Agenda?" by Dr. Cathy Burns. It should be most informative. No doubt I'll learn more there than I ever dreamed. I also ordered one to give to my son. I want him to know the hidden truth and not be deceived, either. No fake news and no speculation. Documented facts. It is dangerous to take this man at face value.

lyn said...

Good comments Darrel and Sheryl. It is very very telling to see so many defend this minion of Satan. The falling away has been led in part by Graham, and continues to grow.

I am going to check that book out as well, thanks for mentioning it.

lyn said...

This is a good read as well -

Sheryl said...

Thank God for the internet where men's secrets can be unveiled and they cannot hide so easily from public scrutiny, for those who are interested in facts and truth.

It is also a means for Christ's few to find each other and true preachers of the gospel.

Sheryl said...

As you know, there is evidence and witnesses who indicate BG was a 33rd Degree Freemason. On the website, there is an article entitled "Freemasonry: May A Christian Be A Member?" (under the Freemasonry category). Perhaps you've read it. It gives a brief description of the secret society. It fits perfectly with BG's association with presidents, dignitaries and false religions; the use of his terminology which people perceive as being Christian; and his belief system that all religions are equally saved and going to heaven, no matter their 'god.' What a deception has been perpetrated on the Christian world on a grand scale! And to think the antichrist will be even more successful with God turning them over to believe the lie. I don't know God's timing on that, but it seems its already in motion, or at least a forerunner to it.

Thank God for a few preachers out there that I had never heard of who have not jumped on the BG praise bandwagon and have informed their congregations of this grand deception. And SHAME on those well known who have been cowards and protected the wolf! They can't be that blind and stupid. The evidence is vast and available. SHAME on them for perpetuating the grand deception to their flock...and beyond!

This remains in the forefront of my mind, for it is very disturbing to me. Thank God for the spiritual wisdom and discernment that He graciously bestows upon His elect that they be not deceived.

lyn said...

I have not read that, thank you for this info. It certainly does explain a LOT about Graham and his political ties. If he was a freemason and covered that up, deception is just as grievous of a sin as any other.

His 'following' is vast and wide, which only cements the fact that he was a minion of Satan. The affects of his evil ministry will carry over until Christ comes again.

Darrel said...

At one time there was a site that listed BG as a 33* mason in a Louisiana lodge. Don't remember the site or the lodge named, but most likely one from central La. where masonary has overrun Alexandria and Pineville long ago. Many of the streets are named after famous masons and it's pretty much locked up in masonic lore---scary. It is home to Louisiana College, a four year school run by the SBC. It's hard to imagine anyone 'making it' there who is not a mason. I don't know why BG is found on a masonic role in La. and not NC, perhaps just more deception.

His 'gospel' fits the mason's mantra to a "T", just believe in god, any ole god will do and all labels are welcome no matter what your "church" calls itself. It's the hodge-podge anything goes gospel that sends people directly to hell.

And yet for all of this, God saves His elect from this pit of lies and brings them into His glorious kingdom. Amen and Amen!

Sheryl said...

Hey Darrel, I just ran across this and it confirms what you said about BG being listed as a mason in a Louisiana lodge. It shows a captured screenshot of his name before it got scrubbed.

Darrel said...

Thanks for jogging my memory, Sheryl, 99% sure that is the same site.

lyn said...

Thanks for the link Sheryl - Graham's involvement with the occult/darkness/freemasonry has been and will continue to be overlooked by most. The world loves its own and defends its own.

When the bible warns Satan disguises himself as an angel of light and his minions as ministers of righteousness, one can only believe God has turned most over to delusion because they reject truth. Graham is the 'darling' of evangelism, which just goes to show how tragic the spiritual darkness is.