Precious Jesus

"Afresh, precious, precious Jesus, I resign this body to You, for doing or suffering, for living or dying. Will You accept it? Will You use me for Your glory more than heretofore, that You may have some little return for all the benefits You have done to me? Oh, do grant this request; my heart longs for it, my spirit pleads for it; and "if You will, You can." You know the hot temptation of which I am the subject. Bring Your glory out of it, and keep me from the evil, and it shall be well." - Ruth Bryan

Friday, September 18, 2015

Modern Church Machinery

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,

Friends! the Churches of Christ have no need of the Modern
Machinery which has supplanted the Simplicity of Faith.

I verily believe, if the Lord swept the church committees
and missionary societies out of the universe, we would be
better without them.

I hope the Church will soon say, like David in Saul's clanking
armor, "I cannot go with these, for I have not tested them,"
and with only her sling and her stone, confident in her God,
I trust she will confront her foe.

We Can Do All Things, If We Can but Trust Christ.
"All things are possible to him that believes."
But nothing is possible to your schemes, and to your systems.
God will sweep them away yet, and happy shall be that
man who shall lead the van in their utter destruction!
Go up against her, take away her bulwarks, for they are not
the Lord's; he did not ordain them, nor will he stand by them.

Act in faith, O you people of God, and prove the power of
prayer, for "all things are possible to him that believes."

The fact is, God does not need our power, but our weakness;
  not our greatness, but our nothingness. 

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