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"Afresh, precious, precious Jesus, I resign this body to You, for doing or suffering, for living or dying. Will You accept it? Will You use me for Your glory more than heretofore, that You may have some little return for all the benefits You have done to me? Oh, do grant this request; my heart longs for it, my spirit pleads for it; and "if You will, You can." You know the hot temptation of which I am the subject. Bring Your glory out of it, and keep me from the evil, and it shall be well." - Ruth Bryan

Monday, March 31, 2014

More harmful evangelism *Update*

Once again, Tony Miano takes to the streets and, as usual, targets abortion clinics. I don't understand why he only concerns himself with abortion and  homosexuality. I also don't understand why he thinks he has a right to tell this man to 'man up and go to work'. The man tells Miano he's in school, and Miano says, 'that's not providing for your children!'  Miano hasn't worked at a full time job since 2000; he quit his deputy's job and stayed on under a voluntary basis only. Who is he to tell anyone to get a job? Feel free to dissect this and comment. I am sick of men like Miano standing on street corners, pointing their arrogant and judgmental fingers in the faces of sinners, having NO compassion, and calling it 'evangelism'! Enough already! Get a real job Miano, and quit fleecing the flock. These hatemongers who disguise themselves as 'Christians' need to step off their soap boxes, it's time for Tony to get a job and leave the preaching of the Gospel to men God has actually called and equipped. 

* Here is an update, in this video, Tony Miano makes this horrific accusation:

"“You are going to die someday and it might be a result of the breast cancer you contract as a result of this abortion. It might be due to the ovarian cancer you contract as a result of this abortion. It might as a result of the cervical cancer you contract as a result of this abortion. Or it might be by suicide as many women who murder their children then turn to murder themselves. When you die, you will stand before God and give an account of your life. He will find you guilty of murder, even if you don’t abort your baby today. Because the first moment, the thought of abortion entered your mind, you murdered your child in your heart. God already finds you guilty. God will not care about your circumstances. God will not care if you allowed yourself to be deceived by the media, by your parents, by your boyfriend, by your doctor.” T. Miano    
I am speechless, and angry!  This man is about to be given the 'right hand of fellowship' into John MacAthur's church. Is this the message MacAthur supports? Attacking women constantly and making these crazy accusations? This is NOT the Gospel message Christ commands His true sheep to speak, this is a crazed religious fanatic, like Fred Phelps, spewing out his brand of religion, and it saves no one.  Here is the video, you can tune in just after the seven minute mark to hear for yourself, IF you have the stomach for it....

I will share one comment on youtube that caught my eye - this is from the video posted below... 
"I like brother Tony's ministry but I am seriously questioning the tone and method used on this video. I don't think you're going to win anyone over into the kingdom by bombarding them with three different voices constantly going back and forth and telling him things like he's not a man. Do you want to stop one abortion or win the entire family into the kingdom (he has 3 kids that I'm sure aren't being raised in the fear of the Lord)? The tone hear seems to be more along the lines of WE'RE MAD AT YOU FOR BEING A SINNER! If a man isn't born again (as I wasn't for the first 20 years of my life) should I expect him to suddenly become a godly man and say this abortion is wrong, let's not go through with this. No, his heart isn't regenerated so no matter how atrocious it is he's going to attempt to justify it almost 100% of the time. I would like to know the statistics on how many people actually change their mind once they are headed into an abortion clinic and hear people outside trying to reach them from a distance just before they walk in the clinic. WE MUST REACH PEOPLE BEFORE THEY GET TO THAT POINT! It's obvious that his girlfriend is the only one working because he says he's just a student so telling him to ALL OF A SUDDEN to be a man and go get her out of there is almost pointless. Abortion is an awful tragedy but I would still want to talk to this young man about his soul even if his girlfriend went through with the abortion but I wonder if that opportunity was lost because of the tone and method used in what seemed to be (and I could very well be wrong) an effort to prove to him  that he is a sinful murderer. He was a murderer before he ever went to the clinic. Hate in his heart is the same as murder".

This comment speaks volumes, we are not called to judge sinners, to be rude, or to 'get in their face'. We are not called to argue with them or enrage them. The arrogant demeanor of Miano is not winsome, nor is he effective. He is a waste of donated dollars because God will not use pride-filled arrogant men to speak to sinners. If Tony Miano belongs to Christ, he's certainly forgotten the sewer God pulled him from. He is in need of repentance just as much as the gentleman he attacks. This poor excuse for evangelism is nothing more than an attack on an unregenerate sinner, a lashing out at him and accusing him of being lazy, of not caring, and of not being a man. Who is Tony Miano to make such judgmental calls?!? 

On his radio program, Miano chastises a young woman who questions him about standing on a step ladder. He accuses her of being disrespectful {around the 74 minute mark} because she didn't address him properly! That is sheer, raw arrogance on display.{Source}. This young woman left Miano's preaching, turned and headed towards the SDA table. Who could blame her? She was a victim of arrogant man-centered preaching! She was 'slapped on the wrist' because she didn't properly address Tony. This is an inexcusable display of a man filled with the sin of pride, a man who demands respect. Tony has forgotten, IF he even ever knew, what it means to die to self. Tony is not having any impact for Christ, except  for a negative one.  

Here is another example of Miano's 'style' from Facebook. It's obvious Tony Miano sees himself as a person above reproach and rebuke, that is always a dangerous place to tread...

  • 1st Timothy
    6:3If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; 6:4He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of wor
    ds, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, 6:5Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.
    Like Ray Comfort and staff did with Tony Miano, I'm withdrawing myself from his self-righteous hard-hearted callous, bitter ex-cop, attitude. I pray to Jesus Christ alone, period! Jesus Christ of the King James Bible is my God and my only God! Is He yours? Let the mockery begin, go ahead wolves, feed at us true Christians, we are called to suffer persecution anyways.
    2nd Timothy
    3:12Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. 3:13But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 
    Praying for real Christians to preach the gospel to every creature under the guidance of MEEK counsel. Go ahead mock both directly and indirectly as do the lost. You will have your reward. Psalms 5:5-6

  • I want to point out  from the video in one particular exchange, this gentleman tells Miano and his dog and pony show that " "She already made up her mind." Someone from Miano's 'camp' retaliates with '"NO she didn't! You're the man of the family Cassius, not her!" The victim of this verbal attack says "In today's world, women also get a say so."  Of course, Miano's camp tells this man how he's sacrificing his 'manhood'. I am NOT a feminist, I point this out for this simple reason and ask this question, is THIS what the Gospel is? Is this a presentation of the good news of Christ? It's quite evident the 'motive' behind this exchange. Miano and his camp are pushing an 'agenda' and NOT the gospel of Christ. This patriarchal/reconstructionist type religion is a dead religion that does not save sinners. Miano seeks to oppress women, which is why he always targets abortion clinics! They are easy prey for him; he could care less about their eternal state, he just wants to belittle them and set himself up as some type of 'authority' over them. God is not behind this man's ministry at all. I do pray for the Lord to shut down this harmful dog and pony show, I also pray God will break Miano over his sins...for the sake of his soul. He is as lost as the sinners he badgers. 


    Diane said...

    That was disturbing to watch.

    In the last 24 hours I watched the above "gospel preaching?" exchange, and heard his conversation with Elizabeth on his radio show last evening. The above unfortunate man just continued to argue with Miano, and Miano reported that he was sad to see that Elizabeth went to an SDA table to get brochures after his talk with her (after chastising her for not greeting him properly-what in the world?).

    Miano may want to truly consider getting a real job, just like the patriarchs he lauded as biblical on his show last night do. This gospel preaching shtick is not going so well, in my opinion.

    lyn said...

    He chastised a sinner for not greeting him properly? What? Oh my, he certainly bears some prideful fruit doesn't he?
    It is very clear, if you possess discernment, this man has not been called by God to preach. I picture Christ at the well, talking to the woman. He was gentle, He spoke in a way that wasn't at all condescending. Then, I watch this display from Miano, he accuses, he belittles, he sets himself up as the judge of the souls of men. That in and of itself is very terrifying; Miano should be very afraid.

    Darrel said...

    Isn't this the same Tony Miano that squawks about being accountable to his church? Where is his "church"? Why have they not reigned this guy in, told him his approach is flat wrong and unbiblical? Not one time was there a mention of the Gospel, the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus is not even alluded to much presented in a clear, cogent and reasoned manner. Instead we have the patented Miano baseball bat "evangelistic presentation" where the Name of God is used in vain, the lost are subjected to attempts at humiliation, degradation, other wise known as verbal assaults, Christ is not even mentioned much less exalted and for all of this you can send your money to support Tony's children because Tony won't man-up and get a job. Wow, where do I sign up?

    This man is a disgrace to the Name of the Lord Jesus, he does NOT in any manner preach the Gospel, he is a false prophet teaching hate and should not be supported in any way by those who claim to love their Savior. Of the six things listed in 1Cor. 5:11, Mr. Miano is seen twice: he is a reviler as seen in this video (and many others) and an extortioner for bilking countless people of their money under the false premise that he "preaches the Gospel" as a 'street preacher' and should be supported in his misguided and ungodly efforts. This could stand alone as grounds to withdraw 'fellowship' not to mention the fact that he misrepresents himself as a 'preacher' of the Gospel and is therefore found to be a liar also.

    Brother? Not mine. If he wants to be considered a 'brother in Christ' then prove it, show the good fruit. Up until now it's all rancid.

    lyn said...

    Currently he is not a member of any church. He alleges he will become a member of MacArthur's church in a short time.So, he has NO accountability, he certainly had none when this video was made.

    He also sees himself as 'above reproach' and 'without sin'. Whenever he is rebuked, he lashes out and attacks. His 'fruit' is VERY telling, very suspect. I agree Darrel, this man is no brother of mine. He is a disgrace to Christ and His gospel.

    lyn said...

    I must add this, Miano is a hindrance to Christ's gospel. He is like Peter when Christ rebuked him, " Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men." Peter was brought to repentance and did much work to advance the kingdom. Tony Miano has too much pride, he cannot even see his own haughtiness. How can such a man claim to be humble and useful to the Master? He can't and he isn't. Christ will NOT use proud men, He only uses vessels that are broken over their sins. Like Spurgeon so rightly states, "Whenever God means to make a man great, He always breaks him in pieces first." At this time, it's very apparent God has no intention of making Tony Miano great.

    lyn said...

    I find this very appalling...

    "Tony Miano shared a link.
    36 minutes ago
    I'm thinking it would be practical, with all of my travel, etc, to get a tablet.

    I do NOT want any kind of data plan I have to purchase. I want to simply use whatever WiFi is available.

    I do NOT want to break the bank, but I want somethin...g that won't be an obsolete paperweight in a few months.

    I want something that is durable enough for an old open-air preacher to cart around with him wherever he goes.

    If you would like to help with the purchase."

    I have the up Miano, get a job!

    Diane said...

    Oh...and now he needs a tablet. From his FB page-

    "Tony Miano shared a link.

    36 minutes ago

    I'm thinking it would be practical, with all of my travel, etc, to get a tablet.

    I do NOT want any kind of data plan I have to purchase. I want to simply use whatever WiFi is available.

    I do NOT want to break the bank, but I want something that won't be an obsolete paperweight in a few months.

    I want something that is durable enough for an old open-air preacher to cart around with him wherever he goes.

    If you would like to help with the purchase:"

    lyn said...

    Isn't that something? That's why I just HAD to comment, I see you did too!

    Diane said...

    Perhaps his new church (GCC John MacArthur) can dip into their mercy ministry fund and give him his tablet.

    He is GCC's concern now-as soon as he is a member there next Sunday. Perhaps he should stop feeling entitled to beg for whatever he fancies on the internet from people who actually work for a living and get a FT job himself, you know, give his wife a break from being the bread winner in the patriarchal family. He can still film himself yelling at people on his days off.

    lyn said...

    He's just a mess isn't he? He is always looking for ways to make $$, too bad he quit his cop job.

    Diane said...

    And I see he tweeted this:

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano 40m

    Any of my gadget friends have an opinion about this tablet? …

    Bill Streger ‏@billstreger 22m

    @TonyMiano I’m an Apple devotee, so I would recommend the iPad over any other tablet out there.

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano 11m

    @billstreger iPads are a bit out of my price range, pastor. :) Tight budget, ya know.

    Out of HIS price range? Surely he means out of other peoples' price ranges, beings he's a beggar without a budget. Why doesn't his breadwinner wife buy it? He has two adult daughters working jobs and living with him at home and a wife that works, and out of those three people working, NO ONE can help the poor man buy a tablet? So he's asking for donations for that too? Right.

    lyn said...

    He has absolutely NO reason to ask for a tablet, and to expect other people who hold down jobs to pay for it. He is abusing the word of God for his own financial gain, he's no better than the WOF hucksters.

    Diane said...

    Why does he consistently refer to his three adult, grown daughters as girls and not women?

    "Miano seeks to oppress women, which is why he always targets abortion clinics!"

    How about he set up his camera on the sidewalk outside a gay bar and preach the gospel to the gay community walking in and out of the bar? He could preach about homosexual sin, like he mentioned in Scotland. But I don't see that.

    What happened to his big declaration blog post a few months back about how he is going to be a kinder, gentler, father figure Tony now? Remember that? No more tough guy/cop mentality. Wise, loving and fatherly is what he is supposed to be. FAIL.

    lyn said...

    Tony Miano has an outward religion. That is why he constantly has to let the world know every little change he's going to implement, then in his inconsistent way, he doesn't stay true to what he's proposed. He doesn't understand the change is worked in God's people WITHIN, by God the Spirit,using God's word. Miano is trying to rob the Holy Spirit of His ministerial duties. Only God can change and refine us. We can speak 'til we are blue in the face, we cannot bring about change by verbal professions. If God doesn't reside in the heart, there will be no change. Sadly, Miano displays bad fruit. There is no evidence of the supernatural birth that only God can bring about. Verbal professions and promises do not make one a Christian.

    Diane said...

    "It's time for the "lawman" in me to stand down so that the father and grandfather in me can stand up. It's time for me (and I'm only talking about me) to be seen as more of a father figure than a law enforcement figure when I preach. It's time to replace the "cop eyes" with eyes of fatherly love and compassion. It's time to replace the voice of thunder that rages in the midst of the storm with the voice of a father who cries out to his children loud enough so they can hear him over the storm to take shelter in the house. It's not time for me to become more pragmatic. It's time for me to become more biblical. It's time for me to truly honor the Lord Jesus Christ as holy in my heart and in my preaching."

    "I will continue to thank Him for helping me to finally see that it's time for "the lawman" to retire. It's time for me to settle (with contentment and a rejuvenated, better placed zeal) into the role of father and grandfather in my open-air preaching. It's time for "the lawman" to turn in his gun and badge and turn to imitating the meekness of the Lamb of God."

    "God is sovereign and salvation is of the Lord! But if the people revile (and they most certainly will continue to revile), let them revile to their own shame, knowing that what they are reviling is the truth of the gospel and not the sinful behavior of the one communicating it to them."

    Friday, November 29, 2013 Honoring Christ as Holy in My Heart and My Preaching: It's Time for 'The Lawman' to Retire CE Blog

    Would you say he was doing ANY of this in the video posted?

    lyn said...

    Of course he isn't, the facebook exchange is evident he isn't as well. That's what I mean, he spews out his list of 'do's and don'ts' but he doesn't adhere to them. There are no lasting results because God is not in it. Tony seeks to be his own 'god'; he abuses the word authority and headship to set himself up over the weaker sex. He seeks to manipulate all women. God never intended for any human being to oppress another. Miano doesn't know what it means to love his wife as Christ loves the church. He cherry picks verses that he can twist and use to his financial gain and advantage. It's sad to see 'Christians' support this man an defend his godless ministry.

    Diane said...

    "It's sad to see 'Christians' support this man an defend his godless ministry."

    Yes, well he is John MacArthur's concern now.

    MacArthur would be less than wise to embrace, promote, lay hands on, ordain him as an open air evangelist for GCC, hire him as a church planter, pay him a salary or whatever it was that Miano desired from Faith Community Church but was refused (prompting his departure from them). He is looking for a JOB from GCC and is scratching backs quite nicely.

    His prior pastor from Faith Comm. Church was a Masters graduate. He could not endorse the philosophy of Miano's evangelism ministry and suggested he find a church where he could be fully embraced. I wonder what it was that this pastor saw in Miano? Wise discernment on the pastor's part, imo. Pastors at GCC-- take note.

    lyn said...

    Good points Diane, Miano was 'let go' by Ray Comfort, he left his Grenada Hills church, and most recently, the Faith Community church. All this is very telling isn't it? God's people have discernment, they will NOT embrace arrogance and false teaching like Miano spews out.

    Darrel said...

    As for TM's contrived and idiotic statement of 11-19-13, he still doesn't get it. Wanting to be seen as everybody's daddy is not the calling of God to preach His Word. If he treats his wife and daughters like his kingdom now, patriarchal, dominionist brothers dictate then he hasn't a clue to the meaning of Eph. 5:25: "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and GAVE HIMSELF FOR HER." This involves something totally foreign to TM (by his own admission), namely that a husband is to give, give, GIVE himself FOR HER and not demand, demand, demand. I can only imagine the fear those ladies deal with on a daily basis, fear to not disobey, to not displease, to attend to his every whim or face the consequences. Sounds more like a muslim home than that of a Christian.

    It really sounds like he is repeating something given to him to read instead of flowing from the heart. Cop eyes? If that means that you are trying to intimidate someone into a physical altercation, then I totally agree, that is precisely what he always does (note there are always 2 or 3 big men with him).

    There's no repentance, just Tony this and Tony that, just like all the other narcissistic people in this world. In order to "honor Christ" Tony must die to himself, another biblical doctrine this man knows nothing of. Then he alludes to the "meekness of the Lamb", yet another thing this man knows nothing of since the Lamb's meekness is toward His Father, not to lost men.

    I love this one: "God is sovereign and salvation is of the Lord." Wow, who told you this Tony Miano? Or did you learn that all on your own? And then the chief reviler speaks: "...knowing that what they are reviling is the truth of the Gospel and not the SINFUL BEHAVIOR OF THE ONE COMMUNICATING IT TO THEM." perhaps the biggest reviler in modern day American evangelicalism is Tony Miano, followed by his brothers in hucksterism Driscoll, MacDonald, et al. Ending his latest encyclical is the admission of "sinful behavior" and again I ask, who told you you were sinning, Tony?

    All in all this man is a blasphemous traitor to the Gospel and the Lord he pretends to speak for and about. May the evil this man perpetrates on lost souls be exposed and if there is no repentance, then may his mouth be stopped. Tit. 1:10&11

    lyn said...

    I say a huge and hearty 'amen' Darrel. You have stated what both Diane and I feel is true. This man is a hindrance to our Lord, he's a phony!
    I strongly second this, ' May the evil this man perpetrates on lost souls be exposed and if there is no repentance, then may his mouth be stopped. Tit. 1:10&11'

    Diane said...

    "It really sounds like he is repeating something given to him to read instead of flowing from the heart. Cop eyes? If that means that you are trying to intimidate someone into a physical altercation, then I totally agree, that is precisely what he always does (note there are always 2 or 3 big men with him)."

    "I can only imagine the fear those ladies deal with on a daily basis, fear to not disobey, to not displease, to attend to his every whim or face the consequences."

    If you have not listened to his Cross Encounters Radio show from last Sunday night (3/30), there is a segment where he plays a conversation he had with a woman named Elizabeth while oa preaching(approx. 74 min mark). He admits they got off to a rocky start because she didn't greet him properly. Yes, that is correct. An improper greeting.

    She did not give him her name when he asked and extended his hand. He took offense at that. He chastised her saying she was not respecting her "elders" and how it says in the bible that we need to do that. Instead of giving him her name, he said that she wanted to interrogate him.

    After he was done chastising her, he instructed her to try this again. He introduced himself and asked for her name and this time she told him. UGH. I felt sorry for her.

    He was not planning to relinquish control (he was going to get a proper greeting from her) even during an encounter where he supposedly wanted to share the gospel. He amazingly is not embarrassed by this encounter.

    lyn said...

    I wonder where God's word tells us to demand respect from sinners? Our Lord was mocked, spat upon, scourged...and He never opened His mouth! How is it Tony Miano thinks he has any right to demand respect from an unregenerate world? This man is an embarrassment. Pride and arrogance are such deadly bondages, they grip the heart firmly.

    If anyone in his camp actually cared about Miano, they would reel him in and speak to him. It can only be that they hold to the same patriarchal/reconstructionist view as to why they don't.

    lyn said...

    It seems Miano has reached 'celebrity status' with some folks, from his twitter feed...

    Anthony Linares ‏@AmpsJr
    @TonyMiano Yessir. Well either way I'd love to get a pic with you.

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano 27m
    @AmpsJr A pic? Bro, you gotta set your sights WAY higher than that. :-) I'm not worth the click of a shutter.

    The fake humility is enough to nauseate.