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"Afresh, precious, precious Jesus, I resign this body to You, for doing or suffering, for living or dying. Will You accept it? Will You use me for Your glory more than heretofore, that You may have some little return for all the benefits You have done to me? Oh, do grant this request; my heart longs for it, my spirit pleads for it; and "if You will, You can." You know the hot temptation of which I am the subject. Bring Your glory out of it, and keep me from the evil, and it shall be well." - Ruth Bryan

Sunday, February 16, 2014

What sodomy REALLY looks like

Homosexuals are increasingly demanding their agenda be accepted ; they claim they are in committed, loving relationships, that they are just like heterosexual couples and desire to raise families. What they won't tell you is the actual truth of what sodomy really looks like...for that, we turn to the only source of truth there is, the word of the Living God. 

"And they struck with blindness the men who were at the entrance of the house, both small and great, so that they wore themselves out groping for the door". - Genesis 19:11

Here is a picture of what homosexuality actually looks like; it is NOT normal, it is NOT two people who care for one another in a committed, loving relationship. Rather, it is a lust that most cannot imagine or understand, a lust that is so strong, so dark and so overpowering, the sodomite simply MUST pursue and conquer. Nothing stops this lust, nothing hinders it from seeking to fulfill its desire....not even being struck blind. The more society accepts this, the more the President pushes it down our throats, the more dangerous and powerful this agenda becomes....and the more society deteriorates. The breakdown of the family has devastating affects on society, as we are seeing even now. Here are some statistics from a non-Christian study on the break-down of family...

Children today live in traditional, blended, single, and non-parental families. The higher rates of disciplinary, motivational, drop-out, and school performance problems devastate the future of many youths who live in broken families. This includes the five million stepfamily children. 
Comparing single-parent families with two-parent biological or adoptive families, Bronfenbrenner (2005) showed that even in single-parent families with high median incomes, child behavior shows “hyperactivity or withdrawal, lack of attentiveness, difficulty in deferring gratification, poor academic achievement, school misbehavior, and frequent absenteeism” (p. 10). In such families, the context for child development has deteriorated. Citing data from 1996, he held that youth (particularly boys) in many of those families are at substantial risk for what he called the “teenage behavioral syndrome”: “Dropping out of school; involvement in socially alienated or destructive peer groups; smoking; drinking; frequent sexual experience; adolescent pregnancy; a cynical attitude toward work; and--in the more extreme cases--drugs, suicide, 
vandalism, violence, and criminal acts” (p. 10). 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in 2006, told the country of conditions that impoverish youth developmentally. Citing data from 2002, their report shows the correlation among parental educational achievement, teenage sexual activity, child rearing, child support, and poverty. Focusing mainly on males, data reveal that boys who did not live with both parents at 14 years of age were more likely to involve themselves in adolescent sexual activity; 50% of men minus a high school diploma fathered children outside marriage (compared with six percent among college degree recipients); 50% of the men marrying during adolescence separated or divorced within the subsequent decade (compared with 17% of men marrying at 26 years of age or older); one-fourth of the 28 million men with dependent children do not live with those 
children (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2006). Teen pregnancy rates which in 2005 had fallen to their lowest level in 65 years, began rising again in 2006. In 2005, unwed mothers accounted for 40% of all live births, an unmarried-mother tendency that has also risen among young women in their twenties. You can read more on this study here. 
This is what happens when marriage is seen as irrelevant and when sexual immorality rules.  Homosexual parenting is even worse, you can read about that here.

Let's get back to the text found at the start of this post - Matthew Henry rightly says this about Genesis 19:11, "Yet these Sodomites, after they were struck blind, continued seeking the door, to break it down, till they were tired. No judgments will, of themselves, change the corrupt natures and purposes of wicked men. If their minds had not been blinded as well as their bodies, they would have said, as the magicians, This is the finger of God, and would have submitted." This is a picture of the depraved heart of man, this is what it looks like when sinners are given over. If Genesis 19:11 doesn't cause you to be alarmed, it's because you do not understand the depravity of the human heart. May we all be alarmed enough to cry out to God for the souls enslaved to this perverted bondage. 

Look how John Gill describes this blindness,
 "with "blindnesses" (n); with extreme blindness, with blindness both of eye and heart, as Aben Ezra interprets it; and indeed had they not been given up to a judicial blindness and hardness of heart, such a stroke upon them might have convinced them that their ways were evil, and their works not right, and that by them they had incurred the displeasure of God, and would desisted from their enterprise; but, on the contrary, they went on with it, and sought with all diligence and labour as much as possible to effect it. The word for "blindness" is only used here and in 2Ki_6:18, and denotes a peculiar sort of blindness; not an entire blindness with respect to every object, but only with regard to that they were intent upon." 

Where does such an overpowering lust come from? A depraved mind {Romans 1:28}, that's why it is SO essential for Christians to understand the depravity of man. Without a right understanding of this biblical doctrine, you will see Christians tripping all over themselves when trying to confront the sin of homosexuality. A depraved mind is defined by Thayer's Greek Definitions as 'that which does not prove itself such as it ought, unfit for, unproved, spurious, reprobate'. Strong's defines it as 'unapproved, that is, rejected; by implication worthless (literally or morally)'. How can such a mind think and reason rightly? It simply cannot; it is a devious mind set on one thing...the continual pursuit of sin; this is true of all unregenerate sinners.  The downward progression of sin is manifest in rampant sexual immorality which leads to rampant homosexuality. That is followed by judgment - 'Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them, having in like manner with these given themselves over to fornication, and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.'- Jude
When society is overrun with sexual sin, God will unleash judgment. To be given over by God to sin is what we presently see, I have already done a post concerning that here. God will follow His wrath of abandonment with  severe judgment. 

Let's not forget the Gospel of Christ is for the ungodly; Christ suffered, died, and rose from the dead to reconcile sinners back to a holy God. May sinners be brought to see their utter wickedness, may God cause them to cry out for mercy and forgiveness. May those who are in Christ seek to rightly understand the depravity of man, the holiness of God, and the Gospel of grace. 


Darrel said...

It's difficult to watch our nation (and most of the rest of the world) become so enamored with the forced acceptance of the LGBTQ agenda, but it fits with the "debased mind" that our Lord has seen fit to inflict on those that hate Him. Yet this is only the beginning of their sorrows, as I am increasingly convinced that the obsession of their current sins will only be multiplied in the Lake of Fire with never even a hint of satisfaction granted them.

Thanks for your continued diligence in exposing sin and pointing to Christ.

lyn said...

It is very difficult to see the cancer of sin overtake the world. Sinners ignorant and depraved going deeper and deeper into sin, not understanding the eternal consequences.
I have a nephew who is a homosexual, he works for 'equality Illinois', and organization fighting for 'rights' of sodomites. He was instrumental in getting marriage passed in this state. What he is clueless about is the white hot wrath of God that remains on him, as well as the everlasting fire that awaits him. They disguise their agenda as a 'right', however, God is not mocked.

dora said...

This was a hard article to read, because it is true.

We rightly deserve God's judgment.

It tells us in the Psalms that God is angry with the wicked everyday.

His anger must be at bursting point now, for all the abominations that He sees, constantly.

When He does pour out His wrath, there will be no mistaking it.

God help us.

lyn said...

Well said Dora.

What is baffling to me is how the homosexual community is passing off their perversion as a 'right'. They are making headway in their agenda by doing this. When the President of our nation pushes just as hard for the acceptance of perversion as the homosexual community does, you KNOW judgment will be swift and final.

God help us indeed.