Precious Jesus

"Afresh, precious, precious Jesus, I resign this body to You, for doing or suffering, for living or dying. Will You accept it? Will You use me for Your glory more than heretofore, that You may have some little return for all the benefits You have done to me? Oh, do grant this request; my heart longs for it, my spirit pleads for it; and "if You will, You can." You know the hot temptation of which I am the subject. Bring Your glory out of it, and keep me from the evil, and it shall be well." - Ruth Bryan

Monday, January 6, 2014

God's written communication

In our preceding chapters we have called attention to some of the evidences which demonstrate the existence of God as seen in the revelation which He has made of Himself in creation, in man himself, in His shaping of human history, and in the Person of His incarnate Son. We turn now to that written communication which He has vouchsafed us, namely, the Scriptures, commonly designated “the Bible,” which means “The Book,” or more reverently “The Holy Bible”—the Book which is separated from and exalted above all others, the Sacred Book. Concerning it the Psalmist averred, “Thou hast magnified Thy Word above all Thy name” (Psa. 138:2): that is, beyond all previous manifestations of the Divine Being. In the Holy Scriptures God has made a full discovery of Himself and a complete disclosure of His will. There His glories are set forth in their meridian clarity and splendour. The Word is a glass in which
the character and perfections of God may be seen, and in order to become better acquainted with Him we need to more diligently peruse the same. Alas that so very few of this generation do so. Alas that so many preachers discourage such a duty.

Nearly 40 years ago, in one of our earliest publications, we wrote: “To all who are acquainted with the spiritual conditions of our day it is apparent that there is being made at this time a determined attempt to set aside the authority of the Bible. In the press, the pulpit and the pew, its Divine Authorship is being questioned and denied. The Serpent’s words to Eve ‘Yea, hath God said?’ are being heard in every quarter of Christendom. The ancient ‘landmarks’ of our fathers are being abandoned, the foundation of our religion undermined, and for the most part the Bible is no longer regarded as the Word of God. “In every age the Bible has been the object of attack and assault: every available weapon in the Devil’s arsenal has been used in the effort to destroy the Temple of God’s Truth. In the first days of the Christian era the attack of the enemy was made openly—the bonfire being the chief instrument of destruction. But in these ‘last days’ the assault is made in a more subtle manner, and comes from a more unexpected quarter. The Divine origin of the Scriptures is now disputed in the name of ‘Scholarship’ and ‘Science,’ and that, too, by those who profess to be the friends and champions of the Bible. Much of the learning and theological activities of the hour are concentrated in the attempt to discredit and destroy the accuracy and authority of God’s Word. The result is that thousands of nominal Christians are plunged into a sea of doubt and tossed about by every wind of the destructive ‘Higher Criticism.’ Many of those who are paid to stand in our pulpits and defend the Truth of God are now the very ones engaged in sowing the seed of unbelief and destroying the faith of those to whom they minister.”

Today we behold some of the fearful crops which have resulted from that evil sowing: “some of,” we say, for it is greatly to be feared that the full harvest does not yet appear. Shocking and appalling is the situation which is already spread before us. It has become increasingly evident, even to man who make no pretensions unto spirituality, that the restraining hand of God has been more and more removed from the world, till a spirit of utter lawlessness and recklessness now possesses a large proportion of mankind. But only those with an anointed eye can perceive why this is so, namely because the influence formerly exerted by God’s Word was suppressed. The majority of church-goers of the preceding generations had instilled into them doubts upon the authenticity of Holy Writ: theological professors and “up-to-date” preachers openly denied its supernatural character. Once the awe-inspiring authority of God’s Word was removed, the most potent bridle upon the lusts and passions of the masses was gone. Where there is no longer any fear of Divine judgment after death, what is left to curb the activities of sin?

Continue reading  A.W. Pink's 'the doctrine of revelation' here... under the heading 'Part two, the Holy Bible' page 23


Darrel said...

Every now and then I listen to 'son life radio' from the Swaggart clan. Yesterday I heard them (Jimmy's wife and son) point out the errors of another TV preacher and within a few minutes they were on their favorite subject of how a person can become lost after he was "saved". Here we have world renown heretics proclaiming the faults in someone else's preaching. Scary! How many others use the Bible and their twisted interpretations to delude their followers? Nearly all of the well known preachers today.

Much ado was made by the Swaggart clan in the late '90's of the "message of the cross" like it was something new that he (Jimmy) had recently discovered in the Bible. What was he preaching about before receiving this personal revelation? Being baptized in the holy ghost (no caps on purpose-I will not insult the Holy Spirit by equating what Jimmy teaches with what the Word says) with the evidence of speaking in gibberish and "send money". That has not changed, but the "message of the cross" was added to legitimize the rest of his false teaching. Problem is that his "message of the cross" in no way even resembles what Scripture teaches. The One Who died and rose again saves eternally with a salvation that is neither acquired nor kept by the efforts of a man. The JS clan has no clue about the extent of the Work of Christ. They keep their followers through fear of becoming lost again due to some nebulous and unnamed act or inaction (did I give him enough money last year?) and tacitly demand loyalty to their doctrines or face the consequences (back to being lost---again).

This "bash Jimmy diatribe" can easily have any name inserted to replace JS, pick your favorite heretic as they all use the Word to hawk their own brand of delusion.

I can only stomach a few minutes of the JS clan once every two or three years, hopefully I'm clear 'til 2017.

lyn said...

I pray you are brother!

There are more apostate preachers than there are true men of God. Those numbers will only increase.

I am thankful the great delusion has not swept us away, that truth and righteousness are clearly illuminated by God the Spirit in His people.

I grow so tired of just about everything that calls itself Christian in our day; those in the 'Reformed' camp are no exception. They seek to serve both God and mammon, they embrace apostates like Piper and Driscoll, Mahaney and Mohler. They peddle their books, conferences, sermons, cds, etc. all for a price. I read where one very well known pastor makes a half a million a year, and yet he seeks donations by mail and through his website. This man is very respected among the big names in Evangelicalism, but of course, most who embrace him as a brother are guilty of the same thing. It's all sickening, repulsive, and should be discarded as dung.

Darrel said...

I'm scared to ask to whom you are referring. But, who?

lyn said...

What I read was in reference to John MacArthur. I was utterly shocked to read this, since I repeatedly get mail from GTY seeking donations. I am not sure how reputable this site is -

If this is true, it is inexcusable

Darrel said...

Spent a few hours at the site you gave, listening to Mac A himself. By his own words he has condemned himself. Specifically, his "testimony" is more than just suspect, but invalid for anyone who has been genuinely born again. For a person to "not know" when they were saved is ludicrous. To claim to have always known about Christ amounts to nothing more than mental ascent to an historical fact and in no way qualifies as salvation.

His five minute answer to Phil J. on the blood of Christ having no saving power to cleanse from sin, but is used by the NT writers as a euphemism or metaphor flies in the face of Hebrews nine and ten and should be seen for what it is: HERESY. His parting statement: "There is nothing in the fluid that saves us" should send chills down the spine of any BLOOD BOUGHT child of God--again, read Heb. 9&10. Also 1John 1:7 says that it is the BLOOD of CHRIST THAT CLEANES US FROM ALL SIN, not His death alone.

I am beginning to more fully understand the "circling of the wagons" mentality that has been growing for many months now. Many of your posts and comments seem to say similar.

For Mac's defenders I would say go to and listen to sermon #80-33 it was still up 15 minutes ago. The Q & A with Phil J concerning Mac's heretical statements about the blood of the Lord Jesus can also be found on the site she referenced.

Thank you, Lyn, for posting this. No doubt enemies will be made, so be it. As one who formerly counted John Mac Arthur a brother in Christ and champion of the Word, that distinction is not worthy of the words that have proceeded from his own mouth. Rather, by his own words he is found to be an apostate, a heretic, and an enemy of the Cross of Christ. 2 John and Jude would apply to him.

May the Holy Spirit open the mind and eyes of all believers to the immanent danger posed by this angel of light. Eph.5:11

lyn said...


I'm afraid it will only grow worse as time goes by. This huge evangelical machine is growing and feeds off power as they ALL seek to serve mammon. I see this as a HUGE lesson, we simply cannot follow men and make them out as celebrity pastors. They are sinners and still able to stumble. There is no one holding them accountable! Scary.

Did you hear the latest fiasco with Tony Miano? He is in Scotland and was arrested the FIRST day he was street preaching {I use that loosely}. This reeks of a set up. I know this guy knows how to get arrested without it making him look bad. His 'fans' are claiming it's persecution; it's anything but. Miano needs to go stand on the street corner in Iran and preach, then he'll know true persecution. All this showy type of Christianity is purely disgusting, all this superficial Christians who support this garbage should do their homework. Whenever anybody questions Miano's ministry, their comments are deleted. We have a dear sister in Christ who contacted Revival USA, which handles Miano's 'accountability' in giving, and she was given a run around. NO direct answers, no clear response. That is very telling. He also demands that you NOT put on your check any designation -

That way, he can spend YOUR money on whatever he chooses!! Pretty clever heh?!
It's men like JMac and Miano that cause me to be thankful Christ is my all in all, I follow NO earthly scam artist. Praise God for discernment!
You are right Darrel, there are tons of people who would lynch you for speaking 'bad' about JMac, or Miano. Too bad men follow men and NOT Christ.