Precious Jesus

"Afresh, precious, precious Jesus, I resign this body to You, for doing or suffering, for living or dying. Will You accept it? Will You use me for Your glory more than heretofore, that You may have some little return for all the benefits You have done to me? Oh, do grant this request; my heart longs for it, my spirit pleads for it; and "if You will, You can." You know the hot temptation of which I am the subject. Bring Your glory out of it, and keep me from the evil, and it shall be well." - Ruth Bryan

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Isaiah 6:9 & 10 is quoted in part or in whole no less than six times in the NT. It is a stark reminder of the utter depravity of every man born of woman and the complete, unabridged Sovereignty of Almighty God. The Biblical principle of man's blindness is set forth here and in other Scriptures; likewise, the complete control by the Creator over His creation. Mankind bristles at the thought of any 'inability' on his part whether perceived or in fact, especially that of blindness. Those steeped in their own pride, with no fear of God whatsoever, spread their brand of poison to others who readily take up banner of living without God. They claim to "see" but theirs is the darkest brand of blindness inflicted upon them by the One who made them a "vessel of dishonor" (Rom. 9:21). There is no man who ever took a breath that was not born spiritually blind, a part of the death passed on to all who came from Adam. A state in which all men will remain apart from the intervention of the God who made him. And oh how He intervenes! Eph. 2:1-7 details this action taken by the Lord for those He has chosen from before the foundation of the world. As He has declared many times this intervention is specific for each individual and limited to those whose names have been written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Those that are filled with themselves scream the loudest, exhibiting no fear of God at all, never giving glory to their Creator as they mock Him with their every word. Blindness on display.

The story of the man born blind in John 9 is a prime example. Physically blind from birth and spiritually blind as well, there was nothing he could do to help himself out of either plight. The Lord Jesus spoke of this man's dilemma in v. 3-5: this man was born blind so that Christ could do the work of His Father by restoring his physical sight as well as his spiritual sight---all to the glory of God. How often do we consider our 'lot in life' to be harsh, more than we can bear, and complain that our prayers seem to fall on deaf ears? [I'm the world's worst] Yet who in their right mind would change their circumstances for a 'bed of roses' style of life and live out their days without Christ? What a horror to even consider such a thing! But this is the same type of narcissistic blindness that the lost world has been given over to by the Potter. For these there is no remedy, in part or in whole. They have been assigned to the Pit, no escape, no appeal, no shortening of eternity, no forgiveness---an unimaginable horror. But we, the Elect, have been shown mercy, forgiveness, and love from our God and Savior Jesus Christ; our eternity is set forever with Him in His Glory. As I ask myself, so it is fitting to ask others: do we thank Him enough for what He has done? I cannot make such a claim. "In everything give thanks" and especially for the gift of salvation. God help us to not neglect this our duty to Him.

To be sure, the lost are kept in their blindness on purpose by the will of God as seen in Matt. 13:11-17. " has not been given to them" to know and understand the mysteries of heaven, but it has "been given" to His disciples, then and now to know the mysteries of heaven. Why does the Father do this? because "it seemed good in His sight" Matt. 11:25 & 26; and further in v. 27 we see the Elect being elected as it pleased the Son. When Peter was asked who Jesus was his reply is seen as being revealed to him only by the Father, not from himself or other men, Matt. 16:15-18. John 12:37-40 shows us that the lost "could not believe" because of the prophecy of Isaiah 6:9 & 10. Yet for all of this the objectors double their blasphemies, their insults, and their mockery of God in order to justify their fantasies as to who is entitled to heaven in their eyes. Isaiah continues this theme in Isa. 29:9 & 10; 44:18 and in 42:6 & 7 declares the reason for Christ's coming to earth in human flesh, not the least of which is "to open blind eyes." The contrast between believers and unbelievers is drawn simply and plainly in John 3: 18-21, but only believers are capable of understanding these verses. And yet for all of this the Lord has no pleasure in the death of the wicked and moaned over Jerusalem because of their unwillingness to come to their Savior. It is by His Sovereign Mercy that believers are made willing and enabled to believe the Gospel, while this same gift of Mercy is withheld from the vessel of wrath.

We find another type of blindness that occurs in believers. It would be easy to point the finger at our 'hardness of heart' but the examples given in Scripture do not seem to bear this out entirely, though it may be a contributing factor. As the Lord does everything according to the 'good pleasure of His will' this too, is best explained by His "good pleasure." The day we were saved we did not receive a massive data dump and become instantly aware of everything concerning our Lord or His Word. It has been a learning process and will continue as such probably throughout eternity. "Line upon line, precept upon precept" we are taught things by the Holy Spirit as He sees fit. When something new is revealed to us by Him in His Word were we not 'blind' to it until the moment of revelation? Of course we were. Was our former 'blindness' due to a hard heart or the sequence of teaching by the Holy Spirit? The latter, obviously. There is nothing our Lord does in us that is not without purpose, whether we see His purpose or not. The two on the road to Emmaus were 'left in the dark' on purpose by the Lord Jesus right up until it was time for their eyes to be opened in the breaking of bread (Luke 24:13-35). Later in Luke 24:45 it is said that Jesus "opened their understanding, that they might comprehend the Scriptures." This was relating to His death and resurrection, something that they did not understand heretofore despite the fact He told them many times of these things. At the Tomb, Mary did not recognize Jesus until He spoke her name (John 20:14-16). The fishing disciples did not recognize Him until John spoke up (John 21:3-7). Then there is the mutilated interpretation of 1 Cor. 2:9 where believers are supposed to remain ignorant (to the point of stupid) concerning "the things God has prepared for those who love Him." According to some we are to remain in some sort of 'ignorant bliss' state probably forever, taught only by the highly educated "pastor" who indoctrinates his flock on a weekly basis. Thank God this is not so! This lie is handily destroyed by John 16:13 and the next verse in 1 Cor. 2:10 "But God has revealed them to us by His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes the deep things of God." This is NOW folks, not in some other millennia. Don't be afraid of the 'meat of the Word' for if you were not ready for it would not be placed in front of you to enjoy. As for our "hardness of heart" the Lord is more than capable to dismantle a stubborn heart via His "chastening" and "scourging" we see in Heb. 12. And like everything He does for us, it is for our good.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Out from the darkness

I believe when families are dysfunctional and break down, society soon follows. Cal recently left a comment on one of my posts - I visited Cal's blog and read a couple of his posts, including this one. It broke my heart....

“He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.”
Psalm 40:2
The Lord came and saved me 40 years ago in February, and it was an evening I shall never forget, it is forever etched in the depths of my heart… soul the night the Lord invaded my life…….
Joh 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 
Joh 1:13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.
It was the beginning of setting me free from the bondage of the homosexual life, and the forgiveness of living such a sinful lie.   It’s been over sixteen years, since He began to deal with the hidden secrets of the sexual abuse and the affects it’s had in and upon my natural and spiritual life.

“When my father and my mother forsake me……………  “
Psalm 27:10(a)
The scripture above explains the reality of my life experience, my parents failed me in a most traumatic manner.   I suffered from sexual, emotional, and physical abuse at the hands of my mother, and other adults, emotional, and abandonment issues from my self-serving father, an adulterer, who loved his women, and a life of pleasure above his two sons.

I also encourage the reading of Cal's testimony at

We are all vile sinners, perhaps some of us more so than others. I know the shame associated with sexual immorality, I also know the marvelous grace shown by God, the love of Christ that brings us out of the darkness and frees us! What a glorious God we serve, a God that sets His love on vile sinners and frees and cleanses them. Truly amazing 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Another case of compromise

From journeying to Christ...

My husband just shared something with me that I was unaware of. A popular country/'Christian' singer was faced with discovering his daughter is a lesbian.

As a parent I can only guess at what he went through and the tough decisions he had to struggle with. As a called out child of Christ I know what my stance would be in that situation.

I do not know what went on behind closed doors for this singer, nor do I know how much of the statements made are for public relations purposes. Let's face it, anyone that makes their living off catering to other people, entertaining them, keeping them happy in order to keep their own status elevated, would take public relations into account when they gave their response. Whatever their private response was, they would always have the public to consider when responding publicly.

Continue reading here...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The drawing and compelling of God- A.W. Pink

"Here is the truth: God has spread the feast but the fact is that NOBODY is hungry, and NOBODY wants to come to the feast, and EVERYBODY makes an excuse to keep away from the feast. and when they are bidden to come they say, “No, we do not want to”, or “We are not ready yet.”
Now God knew that from the beginning, and if God had done nothing more than spread the feast every seat at His table would have been vacant for all eternity! I have no hesitation in saying there is not one man or woman in this church tonight, but who made excuses time after time before you first came to Christ.
You are just like the rest. You made excuses, so did I, and if God had done nothing more than just spread the feast every chair would have been vacant, therefore what do you read in that parable in Luke 14? Because the feast was not furnished with guests God sent forth His “servants”. Oh, put your glasses on. It does not say “servants”, it says God sent forth His “servant” and told Him to “COMPEL” them to come in that His feast might be furnished with guests. And there is not a man or a woman in this church tonight or in any other church that would ever sit down at the marriage-supper of the Lamb unless you had been COMPELLED TO COME IN, and COMPELLED BY GOD!
Well, you say, what do you mean by “compelled?” I mean this, that God had to overcome the resistance of your will, God had to overcome the reluctance of your heart, God had to overcome your loving of pleasure more than loving of God, your love of the things of this world more than Christ. I mean that God had to put forth His power and draw you, and if any of you know anything of the Greek or have a Strong’s Concordance, look up that Greek verb for “draw” in John 6:44, “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him” —
It means “use violence”. It means to drag by force. There is not a Greek scholar on earth that can challenge that statement—I mean—and back it up with proof. It’s the same Greek word that is used in John 21 when they drew the net to the land full of fishes. They had to pull with all their might for it was full of fishes. They had to drag it!
Yes, my friend, and THAT is how you were brought to Christ. You may not have been conscious of it. You may not have known inside yourself what was taking place, but every last one of us was a rebel against God, fighting against Christ, resisting His Holy Spirit, and God had to put forth almighty power and overcome that resistance and bring us to our knees, and if any of you object to that strong language, then I am here to tell you, you do not believe in the teaching of this Book on the ABSOLUTE DEPRAVITY OF MAN.
Man is lost, and man is dead in trespasses and sins by nature. Listen, it is not simply that man is sick and needs a little medicine: it is not simply that man is ignorant and needs a little teaching: it is not simply that man is weak and needs a little hope: man is dead, dead in trespasses and sins, and only almighty power from heaven can ever resurrect him and bring him from death unto life.
THAT is the gospel I believe in and I do not preach the gospel because I believe the sinner has power in himself to respond to it. Well, you say, then what is the use of preaching the gospel if men are dead? What is the use of preaching it? I will tell you. Listen! Here was a man with a withered hand, paralyzed, and Christ says. “Stretch forth thine hand!” It was the one thing that he could not do! Christ told him to do a thing that was impossible in himself. Well then you say why did Christ tell him to stretch forth his hand? Because Divine power went with the very word that commanded him to do it! Divine power enabled him to. The man could not do it of himself. If you think that he could you are ready for the lunatic asylum, I don’t not care who you are. Any man or woman here who thinks that that man was able to stretch forth his paralyzed arm by an effort of his own will is ready for the lunatic asylum! How can paralysis move?
Well, I will give you something stronger than that. You need something strong today, you need something more than SKIM-MILK, you need STRONG MEAT if ever you are going to be built up and grow and become strong in the Lord and the power of His might—
Here is a man who is dead and buried and his body has already begun to corrupt so that it stank. There he was in the grave and someone came to that graveside and said, “Lazarus. come forth”, and if that someone had been anyone else than God Himself manifest in flesh. He might have stood there till now calling, “Come forth”. What on earth was the use of telling a dead man to come forth? None at all, unless the One Who spoke that word had the power to make that word good.
Now then my friends, I preach the gospel to sinners, not because I believe the sinner has any power at all in himself to respond to it: I do not believe that any sinner has any capacity in himself whatever. But Christ said, “the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life”, and by God’s grace I go forth preaching this Word because it is a word of power, a word of spirit, a word of life.
And my friends, I say in all reverence; if God told me in this Book to go out and preach to the trees. I would go! Yes sir. God once told one of His servants to go and preach to bones and he went. I wonder if YOU would have gone! Yes, that has a local application as well as a future interpretation prophetically."
~ Arthur Pink 1886-1952
[From a sermon Arthur Pink preached in Sydney, during his Australian ministry in the 1920’s.]

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Jesuit Pope lies to a little boy

Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, this minion of Satan just lied to this young boy concerning his atheist father. It would be better for a millstone to be tied around this evil man's neck. The errors in his speech are numerous; what an evil man the Pope is!

Monday, June 11, 2018

The absolute essential importance of RIGHT doctrine

The absolute essential importance of RIGHT doctrine

Phil. 1:10 - That ye may approve things that are excellent, that ye may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ.

As I was studying this text, I wanted to know the meaning and depth of it. This is what I found…

To approve - put to test, prove, examine; to test/try to show something is acceptable
Excellent - to carry through, to differ, take all the way through to the end, to distinguish fully to show what is better/superior.

I will look into the first part of the text, using cross reference texts to help with the meaning. One such text is Romans 2:18 - And knowest his will, and approvest the things that are more excellent, being instructed out of the law. Here again we have the phrase ‘approvest the things that are more excellent’.  Again, the meaning is the same as in Phil. 1:10, to approve means to test/try. More excellent means the same as the definition given above.

Here is commentary concerning Phil. 1:10 from A. Barnes - That ye may approve things - Margin, "Or, try." The word used here denotes the kind of trial to which metals are exposed in order to test their nature; and the sense here is, that the apostle wished them so to try the things that were of real value, as to discern that which was true and genuine.
That are excellent - Margin: Or, "differ." The margin here more correctly expresses the sense of the Greek word. The idea is, that he wished them to be able to distinguish between things that differed from each other; to have an intelligent apprehension of what was right and wrong - of what was good and evil. He would not have them love and approve all things indiscriminately. They should be esteemed according to their real value. It is remarkable here how anxious the apostle was not only that they should be Christians, but that they should be intelligent Christians, and should understand the real worth and value of objects. ~ A. Barnes

This is from John Gill…
That ye may approve things that are excellent,.... Or "try things that differ". There are some things that differ one from other; as morality and grace, earthly things, and heavenly things, carnal and spiritual, temporal and eternal things, law and Gospel, the doctrines of men, and the doctrines of Christ; all which differ as much as chaff and wheat, as gold, silver, precious stones, and wood, hay, stubble. These are to be tried and proved; they are not to be received without distinction, but should be examined, which is right and best to be chosen and preferred; and to such trial and examination it is necessary that a man should be transformed, by the renewing of his mind, that he should have spiritual light, knowledge, and experience, have his spiritual senses exercised to discern the difference of things, and also the guidance, direction, and influence of the Spirit of God: and this trial must be made, not according to carnal reason, and the judgment and dictates of it; for the most excellent things are above it, and out of its sphere, and therefore judged foolish, and rejected by it; but according to the word of God, the Scriptures of truth, in the light of the divine Spirit, and with spiritual judgment and sense. ~ J. Gill

When studying the word of God, we must NOT let others determine the meaning of any given text. We must test/try what we read with what the word actually says. We must study the word, using the word as scripture interprets scripture, using definitions from the original, but most of all - praying to God for understanding.  Commentary is ok only IF it lines up with the word of God. It must be tested and tried in light of Holy Writ.

A renewed mind results from God and His word, and not from the doctrines of men.  Romans 12:2 is another cross reference verse for Phil. 1:10, ‘And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Again, it is God and His word that renews the mind, which leads to a ‘transformed’ life. The word transformed means ‘change after being with’. The unregenerate are conformed to the world, governed by their own sinful selves, the sinful world and its sinful desires, as well as Satan.
Those who’ve been born again, or from above, are the ONLY ones who will be transformed in their minds. As stated, the ‘agent’ for this transformation is God and His holy word. After ‘being with’ God in His word, we are transformed/changed by that, this is a life-long ongoing process.  

How can the elect discern truth from error? There are many false doctrines out there, and many follow them. The difference between the true elect of God and those just playing religion will manifest itself by what you believe and hold as truth. So, the elect will reject that which is false and hold fast to that which is true and dear - all by the sovereign doings and power of God. Those who hold to errors such as free will, infant baptism, decisional regeneration, prove they do not belong to Christ and have not tested/tried that which differs. They are more often than not swayed by the doctrines of men such as Jacob Arminius and Charles Finney - such doctrine appeals to the prideful, sinful flesh. That is why it is palatable. The truth found in God’s word, such as the doctrines of grace, are vehemently rejected and labeled  as ‘Calvinism’. What a horrible sin to accredit God’s truth to a mortal man! Many, many unregenerates will answer to God for doing such. I’ve often heard it said we are all brethren IF we are born again, these same folks will turn right around and fight tooth and nail against the doctrines of grace, denying such teaching as a lie. By doing so, they prove they do NOT possess the new birth.
Many in the ‘Reformed’ camp uphold infant baptism, then tapdance all around that in an effort to prove their doctrine is biblical. They hold to a teaching that originated within the Roman Catholic church. They too prove they do not possess the new birth, for they hold dear to a grievous error. God turns sinners over to strong delusion because they flat out refuse to love the truth. Such ones are NOT part of the elect of God, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves and others. God will never leave His elect in error, He will show us our errors and turn us from such error, using His truth and His Spirit to do so. Pray to always be teachable!!

Those that test and try that which differs are the very ones that are sincere and without offense. Sincere means ‘pure’ - The word properly means, "that which is judged in sunshine" and then "that which is clear and manifest." It is that over which there are no clouds; which is not doubtful and dark; which is pure and bright. The word "sincere" means literally without wax (sine cera); that is, honey which is pure and transparent. - A. Barnes. Right doctrine purifies, keeping the mind in a right frame of thinking. This thinking is in direct opposition to the world, and rightly so.
Without offense - meaning ‘not offending, not causing to stumble, not stumbling.’  Right doctrine produces right thinking, right thinking leads to right understanding and living, which is pleasing to God. It also leads one away from offensive false doctrines, which produce offensive thinking and offensive living. Doctrines such as free will pollute the sinner and cause them to be offensive to Christ. All works based religion is offensive to God, which is why Christ stated “why do you call me Lord Lord and do NOT do what I say?”

How important is right doctrine? Your eternal soul depends on it; only the elect of God possess it.